PHOTOS : Palenque in Mexico in 1975

PHOTO BELOW: Oaxaca Monte Alban

BELOW: These are photos of Opal mines.

PHOTO BELOW: Snr Gonzalo Banuelos Ayon

PHOTO BELOW: A Mayan girl

PHOTO BELOW: Lake Atitlan

PHOTO BELOW: My favorite spot on the planet - Lake Atitlan

PHOTO BELOW: Local mayans

PHOTO BELOW: Mariela and her mother, Simojovel, Chiapas

PHOTO BELOW: Fire Agate. A mexican gemstone I collect

PHOTO BELOW: The ex convento of Marced which now houses
the Amber museum in San Cristobal

PHOTO BELOW: Amber ball from the amber museum. Nearly two inch in diamater

PHOTO BELOW: Mayan head by Pedro Molina

PHOTO BELOW: Perfume bottle - an exhibit at museum

PHOTO BELOW: A faceted piece of amber

PHOTO BELOW: Small piece no more than 3cm by 2cm contains a cricket, ant, wing termite, bee and wasp.

PHOTO BELOW: A large 75 grams piece contains a flower from the algarrobo plant. It also has a mosquito, a fly, bee and other insects.

PHOTO BELOW: A good piece of amber with a cockroach I got in Simojovel.

PHOTO BELOW: Looking out over the Plaza in Simojovel. The mountain
range in the background is where the amber is found.

PHOTO BELOW: A street scene in Simojovel

PHOTO BELOW: Various pieces of amber

PHOTO BELOW: A piece of amber with termite wings

PHOTO BELOW: A close up of the termite wings

PHOTO BELOW: Interesting insect wing from a lace wing or alder fly (ord Neuroptera).

CONTACT : Dave Gibson. A collector in the UK. My email is

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